5 Ways to Make Yourself Smarter

Steve Jobs

How many of us wish we were smarter? Think of the possibilities, how much your life would change if you had the intelligence of someone like Einstein or Da Vinci. Okay, perhaps reaching their level of intelligence isn’t attainable and even if it was, it likely wouldn’t be practical.

However, we can all do a few things to make us a little bit smarter. Here are 5 ways to make yourself smarter.

1. Surround Yourself With Smart People

If you want to know how your life will turn out, look at your closest friends. We usually aren’t too far off in terms of success compared to our closest friends.

The reason is because they will influence you and you will influence them. If their focus on mostly on having fun rather than working hard to create a better future, you will tend to follow down the same path.

By constantly surrounding yourself with people smarter than you, you will start to think differently and focus on different things.

These small changes can affect how you act and how you act will affect the results you get in your life.

Instead of wondering what bar to go to this weekend or how to kill some time, you might start thinking about what what you can do to help change the world. You may find yourself involved in charity work for instance, which might lead to meeting people who can open up doors for you elsewhere.

If you don’t know any smart people or can’t stand them, then simply observe what they do and do some of the same things. What are subjects are they knowledgeable in? What do the read? How do they spend their spare time?

2. Be Curious

If there’s one thing that smart people have in common, it’s that they’re curious.

Curiosity is what makes people want to discover new things and obtain new knowledge in order to better understand the world around them.

When your curiosity is high, learning becomes much easier. When you don’t care about a topic, learning it becomes much more tedious.

Kids are amazingly curious, always wanting to learn and aren’t afraid to ask questions. The most common question that kids ask is, “Why?”

Become curious as to why smart and successful people do what they do. Become curious as to how things work. From that curiosity, you will have an urge to seek the answer to your questions.

3. Read

I’m sure you’ve been told over and over to read as you were growing up. What is it about reading that is beneficial?

For one thing, it makes you more knowledgeable. If you’re reading fictional books, it’ll get you to learn new words and perhaps open up your mind to new ways of thinking and seeing the world. It could also make you more imaginative which can translate into greater creativity.

In terms of becoming smarter, you’ll probably want to spend more of your time reading non-fictional material. From science to economics to productivity hacks, the goal is to know more than you do right now.

The more you know about different topics, the smarter you will seem to other people.

4. Learn to Learn

Some people want to learn more in order to become smarter but find it hard to grasps various concepts.

One thing you can do is to learn how Elon Musk learns by using the principle called First Principles.

The basic idea is to learn the foundation of a topic. What is absolutely true?

If you find yourself not understanding something, it’s likely because you don’t truly understand the fundamentals or you’re missing some key pieces of information.

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5. Play an Instrument

There was an experiment done to see if playing an instrument can make one smarter. When the experiment was done, the average increase in IQ of the subjects was 7 points.

Various studies show that learning to play an instrument is better at helping you become smarter than playing those brain training games which, it turns out, doesn’t really work. I’m looking at you Luminosity!

Playing an instrument will help make certain connections in your brain that those brain games won’t.

The key to learning an instrument is practice, lots and lots of practice.

Bottom Line

If you want to become smarter, you need to make an effort to become smarter. Anyone can be lazy or do the same thing or stick with what’s comfortable. It takes work to step out of your comfort zone or attempt to learn something you don’t know or learn a skill you’re currently horrible at.

Some are born with high IQs, sure, but most smart people are those who were curious enough and dedicated enough to learn about the world around them.

Action Step

Spend 10-30 minutes a day learning something new.